the new deal comic
Updated: 3/12/2020
the new deal comic

Storyboard Description

this comic is about a woman who's life was bad because her plantation was dying because of the dust bowl and she had no one to rely on. then Supergreen came by helped her plants recover and reproduce again.

Storyboard Text

  • please help me I need this land to survive
  • when the great depression struck, it started with the dust bowl that destroyed the land of everyone especially the ones up north. Ms.Leo needed to move
  • everything was dead and there was nothing that anyone could do about it but a man with green colors that brought joy to Ms.Leo while he was passing by
  • she beg him to help her since the land was all she had, he felt bad about it because he understood how she felt so...
  • he decided to help her, he took a day and a half to create a new type of plant that grew over the dust and needed less water but still gave vegetables and fruits.
  • When he was done, the land look so different. Ms.Leo was so happy. she thanked him and confessed to him that she loved him since the first day she saw him.
  • after a moth they got married and he was named Mr.supergreen while Ms.Leo switch her last name into Mrs.Green. the lands were better than before and she helped the rest of her neighbors with the lands. after a year the farms were at their best time and helped the economy.