Updated: 1/28/2020
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  • Good morning class! For today's lesson, we will be talking about:Netiquette.
  • So what is netiquette?
  • Hey Sara!
  • I was just wondering if you were still up for movies this Saturday?
  • Hey Maria! What's up?
  • Netiquette is the right or acceptable way of communicating on the internet.
  • There are 5 important netiquette rules that you will need to know!
  • 5 Netiquette Rules
  • Rule 1. Remember the human.Rule 2. Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life.Rule 3. Know where you are in cyberspace.Rule 4. Respect other people's time and bandwidth.Rule 5. Make yourself look good online.
  • Now you may be wondering, "Why is this important?" Well, I'll tell you why.
  • Having netiquette is important because it implies polite behavior and helps to build up relationships with people in the work space or at a party.
  • So remember guys, it is really important that you work on your netiquette when communicating online. Until next time!
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