how satellites work

Updated: 6/17/2021
how satellites work

Storyboard Text

  • Launched into space
  • orbiting a star or planet
  • Antennae receiving data
  • Satellites are launched into space on rockets. they are launched on certain positon to avoid crashing into each other.
  • Laboratory
  • When they are launched they orbit a star or planet, Earth for exemple. They can capture information that would be impossible to obtain from earth's surface.
  • Navigation system
  • Then the data from the satellite is transmitted to Earth, then collected by the deep space network (DSN), antennas that generates the radio waves and processes the information.
  • Weather
  • Then the data that can include the health of the satellite, where it is located and some pictures the satellite took is transferred to a lab where it is transformed into many types of information, such as wifi,
  • GPS,
  • weather reports and many others.