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Bird who saved the sun
Updated: 10/2/2020
Bird who saved the sun
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  • The two sun god had a fight. The sun god Phoenix lost so he went his way to seek revenge
  • Because they called me a weakling I will take revenge!
  • Go to the east where the sun sets and stop him from touching the sun!
  • YEs sir
  • Might as well have a snack
  • The two sun god had a great fight at the sun Palace. The first was Helios the true god of the sun the other was Phoenix the "god" of the sun. Unsuprisingly Helios won so Phoenix went to seek revenge.
  • You look hungry come have these cakes
  • Finding a small abode for himself Phoenix went and sat there to think about his plan. Little did he know that a small bird named RAW was watching him munmble
  • So RAW went to the sun Palace to tell Helios about Phoenix's evil plan. RAW was told to go where the sun sets to stop Phoenix.
  • To distract Phoenix, RAW dressed up as a street vendor selling cakes. Phoenix who was hungry after many days of labor jumped at chance . While RAW poured water all over the sun.
  • As the sun had been washed it returned back to normal but spot remained cool. And after some time it exploded .
  • (special effects used)
  • To give forgiveness for his evil deed Phoenix went to the poles where he turned the light from the explosion which had been called a solar flare into the norhtern lights.
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