Year 9 Pdhpe task 3

Updated: 6/14/2020
Year 9 Pdhpe task 3

Storyboard Text

  • Hey it's been a while, do you want to come over tonight?
  • Sure that'll be great I haven't seen you in so long lets catch up.
  • Oh my goodness this place is a complete mess!
  • Welcome this is where I live. Make yourself comfortable I am going to go wash up.
  • 15 Mins Later...
  • Hey your back, I decided to help a bit.
  • This is the cleanest my room has ever been!
  • The scene is about two friends who met up after a long time and they decide to meet at the one of their houses.. The friend on the right developed a OCPD over the years they haven't met.
  • No, no its fine I like this seat as I know it is clean
  • Do you want this seat it is much more comfortable.
  • One Week Later...
  • This scene is when they decide to meet at the house of the friend on the right, but he is very messy and the friend on the right cannot handle it due to his OCPD. During my research most people with this condition are usually dislike messy places and dirty things.
  • Hi do you want to hang out again because we had such a good time last time.
  • Yes, I would love to we can come over to my house again.
  • When the other friend is finished washing up as the room is spotless as the friend with OCPD cannot bear to look at the messy room. Although they are very different in personalities they are able to get along and talk.
  • Yay! You cleaned the house thank you so much! And the chair!
  • Haha no worries last time I saw your face I was determined to clean the house.
  • During the talk the friend on the right makes a request and asks the other friend if they want to switch seats but he refuses as he has cleaned the one he is sitting and knows there isn't anything on it. This was taken from the Big Bang Theory when Sheldon refuses to sit anywhere than his 'spot'.
  • A week later the two friends meet again on the street and they arrange another meeting. They do this as the other friend wants to help the friend with OCPD get better.
  • They meet at the house of the friend who used to be dirty, but he was changed to help the friend who suffers from OCPD by cleaning the room and even preparing the white chair that the other friend like to sit on. Through my research I found out that to help someone who suffers from OCPD is to help them and give them what they need.