Freak the Mighty Chapters 1-6: Dani

Updated: 9/10/2021
Freak the Mighty Chapters 1-6: Dani

Storyboard Text

  • Yeah!
  • WAIT WHAT?! Kevin moved back?? ohh who is that girl over there?
  • Here's you bird toy
  • Thank you! wanna play with it with me
  • in chapter max is telling us about daycare and how he met max and his favorite games ( kicker / kick anyone or anything)
  • oh OK see ya later i guess
  • oh i got to go my mom is calling my name
  • in chapter 2 we find out max barely got out of 7th grade. Max notices Kevin moved across the street and max see's Kevin's mom ( Gwen) and realizes he has a crush on her.
  • MHH! that was great!!
  • in chapter 3 Max find's Kevin's little toy bird and gets it out for him. Kevin slightly recognizes him and they play with the toy bird for over an hour!
  • in chapter 4 freak come's to max's house to hang out. Freak is telling max about his favorite story Arthur and the knights until out of no where Freak's mom ( Gwen ) comes to pick him up because she is scared of max.
  • in chapter 5 Gwen call's to apologize for being so rude and running out and invite's max over for dinner.
  • in chapter 6 Max and Kevin go to the firework show and run into Tony D and Tony wants to fight but the cops show up