Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • if it is contaminated all the water will be affected.
  • you know this lake in a natural water reserve.
  • I know pedro, that why we must take care of all the water.
  • how can I tell pedro that the water is contaminated so that he believes me?
  • I'm collecting some water samples to test them.
  • what are you doing there maria.
  • We should all use that technique before consuming water.
  • This is a way to purify the water to be able to consume it.
  • How do you know that Maria?
  • The lake water is polluted.
  • for the test that i did when the water boiled,it looks much cleaner and without waste.
  • you're welcome pedro , I hope these technique work for you.
  • Thanks for the explanation.I will use the technique with my mother to drink clean and drinking water