Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • Sophie Davis was kidnapped, five years ago, while walking home from school. She has tried to escape many times, but could never succeed. Today, she noticed the window was left unlocked.
  • Her abductor uses the window to dump her leftover food and evidence. Sophie jumps out the window, landing on a dumpster.
  • Sophie runs through an alley as fast as she can. "This is it! I'm finally free!" Sophie thinks hopefully. When shes almost to the end of the tunnel, her abductor grabs her and drags her inside.
  • He sends Sophie to the basement as punishment for trying to escape. Sophie fell to the ground, bursting into tears. She decides to give up. She would be stuck here forever, and she would never see her family ever again
  • Suddenly the abductor hears a knock at the door. When he opens the door, two police officers are standing on his porch. "Hello officers. Can I help you with something?" he stuttered. The police then explain the neighbor, whie taking out the trash, saw him with Sophie, and that he was under arrest.
  • The police searched the house and found Sophie. After five years of being held captive, she was finally free. She filed with joy and relief as she thought of being reunited with her family. They discovered her abductor's name was James Smith, and he had been stalking her for months before he acted. He is serving 45 years in prison.
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