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population and energy consumption
Updated: 10/6/2020
population and energy consumption
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  • Nowadays, we have much better healthcare and hospitals, allowing people to live longer!
  • The improved healthcare and hospitals mean that more people can be accounted for, lowering the death rate, thus increasing the population.
  • Dramatic Population Increase
  • Dramatic Global Energy Consumption Increase
  • And since cars and electronics are a recent invention, some people without them are starting to get them!
  • Since there are more people, more electronics and vehicles are required.
  • This number will most likely keep rising, as there are more people to have children
  • Population and Energy Consumption of the USA
  • In the United States alone, an estimated 3 million people migrate or are born in the USA. In the entire world there are an estimated 140 million births a year.
  • In addition to this, the larger population results in a greater amount of child conception and birth.
  • Basically, more people on the planet lead to more people being born in an exponential manner
  • Breaking news:Energy consumption is now higher than ever because of the increase in factories and the industrial economy.
  • Almost 9,000 kilos of oil are consumed in each United states household. This is nearly 4 times as much oil consumed per capita compared to china, which is around 2,500 kilos per houehold
  • NOTES-We use lots of oil
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