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Updated: 10/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Two brothers are fighting and mom is sitting and is really upset seeing them fight.
  • I can't take this everyday. I need someone to talk to!
  • Uses the app from the phone to make friends and have a conversation about the situation.
  • you are now friends with Jack Miller. Start a conversation
  • Books an appointment with doctor through the App
  • Not so good. Both of my sons keep fighting and it is taking an affect on my mental health.
  • You can use this app to book an appointment to a doctor . try it out! It might help you.
  • Hi. How have you been?
  • Jack Miller
  • Hello!
  • After a long conversation...The doctor suggests her medications and tells her to update the daily routine on the app so that the doctor can keep a track.
  • Hello! You look sad... All Okay?
  • NO Doctor.. My sons have been fighting and it has been affecting my mental health.
  • This is such a useful App. I need to recommend this to my friends....
  • Explores the App and updates her daily dose and other filter for doctor to keep track.
  • Hi.. Thank you. I have been using this App called Simple Care. You should give it a try. It has amazing features such as booking a doctor's appointment. Making likeminded friends and analysis of you daily routine and mood.
  • That's amazing. I will go and download the App right away. Thank you!
  • Hello. You look happy. What have you been doing?