daniel daylon story
Updated: 11/26/2019
daniel daylon story

Storyboard Text

  • We're working on our rock collection.
  • "This house doesn't have a lick of insulation." (Walls 176)
  • Winter came hard that year. Just after Thanksgiving, the first big snow started with flakes the size of butterflies.
  • "We were walking along Little Hobart street, picking up pieces of coal, when our neighbors the Noes drove in their station wagon.
  • It got so cold in the house that icicles started hanging from the kitchen ceiling.
  • "That"s the furnace." (Walls 179)
  • "Jeannette was sent by her mother to her neighbors house Mr. Freeman to borrow water
  • "Lori had used kerosene to try to get the fire going better, and it had exploded just like Dad had said it would." (Walls 179)
  • Jeannette was in shock because she has never seen a thermostat or furnace before but didnt say anything to Mr. Blankenship's father.