Gas station chemical reactiom
Updated: 3/16/2021
Gas station chemical reactiom

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  • Oil or gasoline is highly combustible
  • hm...strange the nozzle seems to be loose...
  • The Nozzle fell out the port and clinked against the ground
  • All it needs is a source of heat or ignition
  • A SPARK!!
  • Censored for school research purposes
  • The chemical equation for raw oil is C8H18Combined with other chemicals to make Gasoline but since there was fuel. The gasoline, The spark ignited the Fuel and caused → CO2 + H2O
  • The following is a Decomposition
  • You take the oil as a chemicals, then the spark ignited it, Oxygen giving it even more fuel, and Hydrogen in the oil mixed with other chemicals allowing it to be combustable and not self put out
  • I Need to make sure the nozzle is in so it cant cause a spark next time
  • What a day...