SS Imperial china
Updated: 12/20/2019
SS Imperial china
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  • This is such a great time for this country
  • Han Dynasty (260 BC - 220 AD)
  • yea,
  • period of disunity
  • This is my country,get out'a here.
  • No, this is my country
  • Sui Dynasty(581-618)
  • Are you a Buddist?
  • Indeed, but this is such a short dynasty.
  • this country was so prosper right now
  • considered a golden age because of the prosperity at the timeFounded by Liu BangConfucianism is popularpaper money, nautical steering ship rudder invented during this time.
  • Tang and Song dynasty(618-1279)
  • yea, the population of china has already doubled
  • After the Han Dynasty fell in 220 AD, three different warlords rose to power. Each of them claimed to be emperor and took control of a different region of China.Eventually, Liu Bei and Sun Quan united together and fight Cao Cao
  • Yuan dynasty(1279-1368)
  • Let's go conquest more land
  • short-lived imperial dynasty of China of pivotal significance Founded by Emperor Wen of SuiBuddhism was popular
  • Ming dynasty(1368-1644)
  • Our art was great during this period, we can do all sorts of stuff
  • The tang dynasty ruled from 618 to 907the song dynasty began in 960 and ended in 1279population of China doubled in size during the 9th, 10th and 11th centuriesthere are a lot of poets and it is a time of prosper.
  • established by Kublai Khanconquested a lot of land and expanded china
  • Struck by economy breakdown and natural disasters.receives invasion after the government failedLiterature, painting, poetry, music, and Chinese opera of various types flourished during the Ming dynasty
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