Updated: 3/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • They laugh at me that my clothes don't match.
  • Yes, but what are they bullying you for?
  • I will help you, but don't let them get to you their probably just jelous.
  • Can you help me? Everyone is bullying me
  • Eww! Her clothes look horrible
  • What did I ever do to you guys?
  • Don't listen to them, but I want everyone here to come in with me.
  • She looks like she got her clothes at the goodwill.
  • I don't like making fun of her, but I just want to fit in.
  • I forgive you, but do you know how it made me feel when you made fun of me?
  • I don't know, because she doesn't look like us
  • They became friends, and lasted forever
  • That doesn't make her different from all of you.
  • We're also sorry
  • Why do you guys make fun of her?
  • You can be friends now!