U.s Colonies
Updated: 1/19/2021
U.s Colonies

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  • Plymouth
  • Jamestown
  • Massachusetts Bay(Salem Witch Trials)
  • People who didn't want to be persecuted by the British came to Massachusetts, but had a tough time. Many Pilgrims died on the way to North America.
  • Pennsylvania(Quakers)
  • John Rolfe helps the settlers earn money by planting tobacco.
  • Roanoke
  • Many people were killed during the accusations that people were witches.
  • Georgia
  • The Quakers came here to avoid relgious persecution. They are friendly to everyone. They are known as the "Friends".
  • Many colonists went missing when they ran out of supplies and their leader went back to England but was delayed for three years. He comes back and finds a tree with the word Croatoan on it.They were either killed by the Spanish or the Indians on their way to Croatoan island or lived peacefully with the Croatoan Indians.
  • Croatoan
  • People who owed debts to England were sent to Georgia and given jobs and land.