Unknown Story
Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Exposition
  • Did you try to steal my purse !
  • Conflict
  • i wasn´t trying to steal your pocketbook
  • pick up my pocketbook, boy and give it here, aint you ashamed of yourself
  • Rising Action
  • come with me young man!
  • It was about nine o´clock at night, dark, and she was alone walking, when a boy came behind her and tried to snatch her purse
  • Climax
  • Should i RUN ?!
  • Roger attempts to thief Mrs.Jones purse, he loses his balance and Mrs.Jones confronts him about it
  • Mrs.Jones takes a hold of Roger and drags him back to her house. As Roger cries and yells he sorry multiple of times, she is determined to take him home and wash his face. As he explains he wanted money for blue suede shoes
  • Mrs.Jones leaves Roger