Updated: 7/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • My experience in virtual classes is not really very different from that of anyother student
  • it makes me fata those experiences that we lived in the classroom and thecontinuous learning that I obtained from parts of colleagues and teachers,which virtuality has not been able to overcome
  • If I had everimagined the lack that I would get to do school, I would have made the most ofthe experiences with my classmates and teachers.
  • I think that this situation has not been easy for any person, this has managed totake out the two extremes of society, the worst and the best, has been anopportunity for learning and reflection, which has allowed us to be closer toour families,
  • but it has also made us question some aspects of education
  • becausealthough there are some that we have the possibility of having internet anddevices in our homes to receive classes and solve jobs, there are many peoplewho do not have this possibility, which makes it value more the advantages thatlife gives us