Infant Industries

Updated: 3/6/2021
Infant Industries

Storyboard Text

  • How dem expect me fi nyam a food if them won't even give me a chance to sell mi goods?!
  • Master Mac Groceries
  • Dont worry Marie. Mi affi guh try hustle a thing again tomorrow. This Master Mac place not giving me a chance to big up mi ting. Cho man!!
  • Brown's Tomato Shop
  • But no sah! First a Master Mac, now a Progressive and Champion. A now mi worser naa guh sell nothing. A true dem free up the trade enuh! Dis need fi address man!!
  • Champions
  • Progressive Foods
  • Master Mac
  • Mr. Brown organized a group of shop owners who were facing the same issue and started a protest infront of the municipal building.
  • Stop liberalise trade!! We need fi eat too!!
  • If we cya grow, we make no dough!!!Justice fi wi business!JUSTICEE!!
  • The local news caught attention of the protest and Mr. Brown had a message that he wanted to deliver to the government
  • Mr. Prime Minister Sir this whole trade liberalization naa work out for us as local corporate citizens. How are we expected to compete against big ole foreign contenders, when we can barely survive in the local market? We have families to feed too! Give us a fighting chance.You need to fix it Sah... FIX IT!
  • Well, we the government understand the grievances and are trying our utmost best to fix the problem. We plan on doing this by increasing our tariffs by increasing tariffs and also engaging in an annual symposium with our small business owners to find out how we can help them.
  • And Finally Mr. Holness, how do you plan on addressing the issue that our local small businesses such Mr. Brown are facing?