Rock Transformation
Updated: 2/3/2021
Rock Transformation

Storyboard Text

  • Magma being heated then cooled to then rise to the surface to make igneous rock
  • The energy source is earth's interior.
  • Now the energy source is the energy from the Sun.
  • The igneous rock from the mountain.
  • Igneous rock into many pieces.
  • The igneous forms from the lava and slowly rolls down the mountain.
  • It is still compacting, layer by layer
  • Over millions of years, the rocks finds it way to the river and starts the weather.
  • Over the years, the plates shifted and now there is a surface near the sedimentary rock.
  • Then, the igneous slowly compacts.
  • Igneous weathered and compacted to look like sedimentary rock.
  • It gets more compact while more weathered rocks come in.
  • It finally all compacts and becomes sedimentary rock and plates start to move in and can sometimes cause metamorphic rock to cause.
  • These were the steps of changing a igneous rock to a sedimentary rock because nothing is impossible.