Updated: 2/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • shot one: home pan
  • IT was just an ordinary day in an ordinary home
  • inter titles
  • cafe
  • shot type :long shot Camra angle :worms eye view(low)lighting: natural Daysound: music non diegetic and sounds of family chatter diegetictime 3seconds simple shot of house panning from left to right
  • intertitles
  • sound: all sound cuts out time : 4 seconds
  • messages 1
  • shot type :closeup angle:eye level bright cool lighting sound bussleing cafe (diegetic) Time : 3 secclose shot with man silhouette barely visible
  • sound:cuts out for effect time 4 seconds
  • But that would all change
  • shot type medium long camera angle eye level of charter
  • hi beautiful