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US History 1st Storyboard
Updated: 9/8/2020
US History 1st Storyboard
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  • This French and Indian war is very expensive, we will have to heavily tax the colonists to pay our debts
  • French/Indian War, North America, 1763
  • The Stamp Act, The Colonies, 1765
  • The Townshend Act, The Colonies, 1767
  • I will not shelter you! You do not live here, we don't know you, and do not like you!!
  • This is a massacre! Wait until the news hears about this!
  • Boston Massacre, The colonies, 1770
  • Lets see how they like this! We told them we would rebel. They can say goodbye to all this tea!!
  • Boston Tea Party, the colonies, 1773
  • They should have listened to us when we said we would revolt!!
  • These stupid colonists might actually win this war!! We cannot let that happen!!
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