Parable Stories
Updated: 2/16/2021
Parable Stories

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  • Jeffrey Started preparing for the big test.
  • I need to prepare for this test to do well.
  • Johnny didn't study for the test because he didn't want to
  • I don't need to study for the big test. I just want to play video games.
  • Maybe i should have studied.
  • I feel like I am well prepared for this test.
  • As they both walk into school they think of there choices on studying and not studying
  • They both took the same test but Jeffrey was more prepared than Johnny.
  • Johnny got an F while Jeffrey got an A
  • No, I got a F.
  • I got an A. My mom is going to be so happy
  • The parable of the Ten Virgins tells a very important lesson. It tells us that we should always be ready for the Second Coming of Jesus. Even though we may have to wait awhile we should continue to do the work of Jesus and God. We should be prepared for when he comes. Those who are prepared will hear him and go out to meet him. Those who are unprepared will not.