OSI Model
Updated: 5/9/2020
OSI Model
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  • Once the data has been scaned, the data will then be broken down into segments.
  • Ip Address
  • In this layer a firewall will then appear. Data that doesn't pass this layer will the be rejected or destroyed.
  • The next layer will be the network layer, this layer the segments will be encapsulated into packets.
  • 101001101011
  • The packets are then given the source and IP address. Routing then takes place to determine their path.
  • In the data link layer, the packets are then turned into frames for specific networks. Data link provides error free transfer of data frames from one node to another over the physical layer.
  • The physical layer thens transforms the frames into bits and then send over the network via physical hardware or media, in this case the wifi router.
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