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Updated: 1/14/2021
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  • We need to find a way to take more money from the Indians so we can take more back to England. What can we do?
  • I have a idea! Lets take somthing from them that is a very important aspect in their lives and they will be willing to pay any amount to buy it back.
  • This is not fair. I have to do somthing about this.
  • God bless you all and keep off all obstacles from the path in the struggle that will come your way. Today we will make history!
  • Britain’s Salt Act of 1882 prohibited Indians from collecting or selling salt, a staple in their diet. Indian citizens were forced to buy the vital mineral from their British rulers, who, in addition to exercising a monopoly over the manufacture and sale of salt, also charged a heavy salt tax. Although India’s poor suffered most under the tax, all Indians required salt.
  • Hail the lord Ghandhi!
  • Ghandhi! Ghandi! Ghandhi!
  • Ghandhi wasn't happy with this. So He came up with a plan. His plan was to make the Indian citizens more independent and not be depend on the British to provide them with basics needs. So on March 12, 1930. Gandhi set out from his ashram, to make salt from sea water.
  • My children keep collecting salt. Don’t listen to the officers. This is our country and we will do what we we want to do in it.
  • First he met up with his several thousand followers. To trek of some 240 miles to the coastal town of Dandi on the Arabian Sea.
  • How dare they disobey our orders. Ghandi is become to powerful we need to stop him. Salt will continue being taxed. Gandhi wil also be arrested!
  • They word spread around the world. More people began to follow Gandhi. By the time they reached Dandi on April 5, Gandhi was at the head of a crowd of tens of thousands. He spoke and led prayers and early the next morning walked down to the sea to make salt.
  • After 24 days of marching, Gandhi and the other Indians made it to the Indian Ocean.He had planned to work the salt flats on the beach, encrusted with crystallized sea salt at every high tide, but the police had forestalled him by crushing the salt deposits into the mud. However the police stopped him, he was still able to collect small lumps of salt.
  • However, the British government kept the tax on salt.
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