Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Is't that so funny! But i am going to the bathroom so I might be late to math.
  • sure? okay perfect.
  • gosh she is so weird I am going to post a bad pic of her on IG.
  • OMG yes that will be so funny!!lol
  • do you know who posted this bad pic of me on IG??
  • why would you do that girls??
  • no sry.
  • WHAT they did it why I and going to tell a teacher.
  • OMG that pic was so funny I wonder if she has figured out that we did it??
  • yes i will talk to them
  • sally and lucy posted a really mean post about me can you talk to them about it.
  • I was jealous and i will never do it again, and i will apologize
  • same I am so sorry and we have leaned are lesson.