Macie's Stress
Updated: 1/28/2021
Macie's Stress

Storyboard Text

  • We are going on our outing, but we need to wait because your brother needs to do his work first.
  • Oh no! I need to go on my outing right now!
  • You know what you can do? You can calm down in your room.
  • OK!
  • (Deep breath) I can wait.
  • Macie is excited to go on her outing, but staff tells her that she needs to wait because her brother needs to do his schoolwork first, so Macie starts to get upset.
  • Staff says that Macie can calm down in her room. Macie then becomes calm and goes to her room.
  • Macie calms down in her room. She thinks that she can wait to go on her outing.