Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Man he is such a ranga
  • HAHAHAHA that is so true!
  • That kid is so weird
  • HAHA your right
  • sorry that seat is reserved for no one but you can't sit there, HAHA
  • Yeah I'm fine, i am used to it
  • Hey I saw how you get bullied at school, that is a really sad thing to do, are you ok?
  • He's so weird
  • HAHAHAHA don't go near him he'll give you red hair HAHAHAHA
  • ow he punched me :(
  • Hey stop that is not nice I am reporting you
  • nooooo
  • Hey thanks for stopping those bullies! you are amazing :)
  • No problem they needed to be sorted out they were horrible people ;)