Burning of the executive mansion
Updated: 2/14/2020
Burning of the executive mansion

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  • jgbrig
  • on august 24,1814 the British were burning down and killing people they eventually defeated the troops and were on they're way to the executive mansion but word got to Dolly Madison before they arrived that they were on there way.
  • As soon as Dolly found out about the attack on the house she told everyone to get the important documents and she was dead set on getting the Washington portrait
  • when the British solders arrived they burned the executive mansion but because of how it was built it wasn't burnt badly only a few areas.
  • This house is to be named THE WHITE HOUSE
  • After the fire dolly Madison and James Madison moved to another house called the octagon for 3 days
  • after the fire reconstruction started as soon as possible
  • after the house was rebuilt they painted it white and a few years later President Roosevelt named it THE WHITE HOUSE.