Sofia DiLugi Once Upon a Fallopian Tube.
Updated: 1/6/2021
Sofia DiLugi Once Upon a Fallopian Tube.

Storyboard Text

  • EVERYONE! THE OVULATION IS OCCURING! One of our ovaries lost an egg!
  • I'm only releasing 200 million of you
  • 200 million of my sperm friends were just released! I have to be the first one that reaches the cervix, and swim to the uterus, because the finish line is in the fallopian tubes!.
  • I have to be in the tubes in 3-5 days because I only will last that long out there.
  • I'm on my way fro this 3-4 day journey to the fallopain tubes!
  • Hi! Nice to meet you!
  • Yay I made a friend in the fallopian tubes!
  • It's my time to fertilize you.
  • I've never joined cells with anyone before. We shall be called zygote!
  • I'm just gonna burry myself to sleep, for the next nine months
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