French & Indian War Recap
Updated: 12/16/2019
French & Indian War Recap
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  • This event showcases what started it all, the French and British arguing who possessed the land of Ohio River Valley
  • This is our land!
  • No, this is OUR land!
  • General Braddock led a militia with George Washington. The troop was caught off guard on July 9th, defeating theBritish, killing Brddock, and +1000 men
  • General Braddock
  • DISCLAIMER!!!:In the scenes with troops, I know there are more than 3 people, but that'd be too many people to add and edit.
  • Britain declared war on the French in 1756, starting the 7 years war.
  • 1757 marked the turning point, where British Prime Minister, William Pitt, took control of war strategies. With his troop, they managed to capture Fort Dusquesne and Fort Fronteac.
  • Captured!
  • In September of 1759, British troops surprised and defeated the French army, on the Fields of Abraham
  • The Treaty of Paris forced the French to give the British most of East Mississippi lands and Canadian lands. It also marked the end of the 7 years war/the French and Indian War
  • Treaty of Paris
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