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mischa and mikayla story board on romeo and Juliet
Updated: 3/16/2020
mischa and mikayla story board on romeo and Juliet
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story board on each scene of romeo and Juliet. lesbians meet for the first time at a dress up party and fall in love then they find out that they are from rival schools and can not be together. then they find out that they can meet with each other when the two teams are competing againsed each other when eventual they get caught and get banned from the games. then they think there love for each other is over then they find out they can do it in secret so they deiced to meet at the library and planned to runaway from home to be together. the next day they runaway like they planned then after about an hour and a half since they left they got kidnapped. two weeks later they got found by police and brought back to there family's even thought they did not want to go back to there family's. when they got back they deiced to tell there family's that they where lesbians and loved each other a lot. the family's did not agree with that and kicked them out and then they became homeless two days later someone kills them and they die.
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