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Updated: 2/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • oh Theseus I cannot wait for our wedding. Four days is too long.
  • Theseus' castleAthens
  • I don't want to marry Demetrius!
  • I want to marry Lysander
  • sir, king, sirmy daughter is supposed to get married to Demetrius here
  • no!i don't wanna!!
  • Hermia, you will either marry Demetrius, die, or become a nun.you have until my wedding day
  • In Theseus' castle in Athens the king and Hyppolita are going to get married in four days
  • all I did was give her bracelets!
  • he put a spell on you to make you love him
  • Commoners approach and ask the king to settle a dispute. Egeus wants his daughter to marry Demetrius but Hermia wants to marry Lysander
  • I know what to do..we can sneak into the woods and get married there
  • won't they kill us?
  • The king makes the decision that Hermia must marry Demetrius or die or become a haggard nun.
  • how did you get Demetrius to love you?!
  • hm.. if I tell Demetrius he will be so happy I told him that he will want to marry me!!!!
  • Demetrius is trying to convince Hermia that Lysander is not a good man
  • Egeus and Demetrius walk away but Lysander has a plan, they are going to secretly get married in the woods.
  • no.. because in the woods it is outside the Athens borderlinethey cannot uphold the law out there
  • Helena loves Demetrius and wants to know how she got him to fall in love with her. Unfortunately, they tell Helena their plan to make her feel better. She thinks that Demetrius will love her if she tells him their plan.
  • don't worry, we're going to ditch Demetrius in the woods and we're going to get married there