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act 4 and 5
Updated: 5/21/2020
act 4 and 5
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  • Toby
  • Toby thinks Sebastian is Cesario and Toby wants to fight him
  • Sebastian
  • Act 4 scene 1Near Olivia's house
  • Sir Toby put your weapon down NOW! Everyone out except you (Sebastian)
  • Lord Olivia
  • Malvolio
  • Fool dresses up like a priest named Sir Topas
  • Please help me get out of prison
  • Act 4 scene 2prison
  • You must remain here because your a madman
  • Sir Topas
  • Lord Olivia
  • Lord Olivia thinks Sebastian is Cesario
  • Will you marry me?
  • Act 4 scene 3Streets of llIyria
  • Sure, why not
  • Sebastian
  • Cesario
  • Husband?
  • Her husband, sirrah?
  • Orsino
  • Act 5 Scene 1
  • Whither, my lord?—Cesario, husband, stay.
  • Olivia
  • Cesario
  • Why do you speak to me? I never hurt you. You drew your sword upon me without cause, But I bespoke you fair and hurt you not
  • 'Od’s lifelings, here he is!—You broke my head for nothing
  • Act 5 Scene 1
  • Sir Andrew
  • Cesario
  • Of Messaline. Sebastian was my father. Such a Sebastian was my brother too, So went he suited to his watery tomb if spirits can assume both form and suit
  • Do I stand there? I never had a brother; Nor can there be that deity in my nature, Of here and everywhere. I had a sister, Whom the blind waves and surges have devoured. Of charity, what kin are you to me? What countryman? What name? What parentage
  • Sebastian
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