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rainy night
Updated: 3/18/2020
rainy night
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Storyboard Description

there was a boy walking outside from hanging out with his friends and it is scary, rainy and dark. as he is walking home he sees someone following him so he starts to run. as he is running he get to his house and notices his door is open and someone is in there but there is supposed to be no one home. he is confused and notices hes lost who ever was chasing him and runs really fast back to his friends house because he doesn't want to go into a house with someone he doesn't know but as he gets there he notices no one is there either and there door is open like his was. he gets scared and decides to walk in, as he walks in he sees some creepy guys and the guy goes up to him and grabs his arm and then he eats him raw and whole. the boy wakes and says omg that was the scariest dream ever
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