Updated: 8/27/2021

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  • Class Discussion
  • Topic: Creating a Basic Slideshow
  • Uhh, I'm lost! What is miss even talking about......
  • Students express lack of comprehension on Topic
  • Miss?? I don't know what you are talking about.
  • Topic: Creating a Basic Slideshow
  • Miss me tuh, meen understand.
  • Providing Online Tools to provide different Concept
  • Creating Slideshows in PowerPoint
  • Ahhh, Now i get it! Thank you miss!!
  • Discussion on The Topic Creating a Basic Slideshow, How Thim and Tiffany are not grasping the concept of the lesson.
  • Class Evaluation Discussion
  • Topic: Choosing appropriate slide layout
  • This lady does always make things hard to understand!!! Jeezzz...
  • Thim and tiffany expresses their worries to their teacher, so to solve the problem the teacher thinks of different ways to approach the topic so that Thim and Thim and understand.
  • Students Sleep through Evaluation 
  • Topic: Choosing appropriate slide layout
  • After brainstorming, the teacher came up with the perfect solution, Online tools to help the teaching process, so the teacher used a Video from YouTube to assist the students who are having difficulties.
  • Teacher uses Creative Tools in Next Lesson
  • Topic: Choosing appropriate slide layout
  • Ahhh!! i know this answer..
  • After concluding a lesson, the teacher decided to give the students a pop quiz on the related topic,
  • Pop Quizz??
  • Pop Quiz
  • Miss dragging out this thing mon, i'm bored
  • However, not fully observing the students reaction to the quiz, Ethan and Trishanna both took a nap during the quiz, hence, not completing the quiz because the lesson was boring and were surprised by the quiz.
  • Zzz
  • Zzzz
  • After discovering the students sleeping in the classroom, the teacher used a great online tool, specifically a game, that is creative and alluring to the students. Keeping them engaged and more alert in evaluation session.
  • Miss this is fun and creative