Isaiah Chung's Cell Analogy project
Updated: 2/18/2020
Isaiah Chung's Cell Analogy project

Storyboard Description

A project worth a lot of points that I want to get a good grade on.

Storyboard Text

  • Factory
  • delivery room
  • Office
  • generator room
  • Factory room
  • garbage room
  • warehouse
  • control room
  • KEY
  • blueprints
  • inner wall
  • outer wall
  • door
  • garbage compactor
  • control panel
  • facotry machine
  • The factory room makes products
  • Tells how the factory was built
  • Generator makes power for the facotory
  • Control room controls the factory
  • Garbage room gets rid of trash
  • Ribosomes makes proteins for the cell
  • Lysosomes destroy unwanted material in the cell
  • Mitochondria make energy for the cell
  • It tells how the cell is built
  • Nucleus controls the cell
  • Animal cell comparison
  • Warehouse holds materials for the factory
  • The delivery room exports material from the factory
  • The wall of the factory protects the cell and holds it together
  • The office holds all of the important papers for the factory
  • The golgi complex delivers things throughout the cell and exports things from the cell
  • The cell membrane protects the cell and holds it together
  • The vacuole holds material for the cell
  • The nucleolus holds the DNA of the cell