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Updated: 3/21/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Man vs Self/Eddie vs his darkness
  • Ya, everything's fine.
  • How can I tell someone such darkness when she is the person who is supposed to make me happy?
  • Eddie, are you ok?
  • Man vs Man/Eddie vs his father
  • Eddie!Get Up And Get A Job!!!
  • Why does my dad always bug me? Can't he just play cards and get drunk and ignore me just like he did on my birthday so I can heal my leg?
  • Man vs Society/The Blue Man vs society.
  • Oh. Ok (:
  • Dude, you're scaring everyone in this town scared of you because you are blue. Leave!
  • Eddie is still angry at the past. He always blames the person who shot him in his knee and his father for putting a curse on him. He is unhappy because he can't find a way to accept his situation. In reality, Eddie is not able to make peace with himself and with others.
  • After Eddie got out of the hospital from his knee bullet wound, all he would do was lay on the couch or stare out the kitchen window. His father had enough of this and wanted Eddie out and to do something with his life. So, not really knowing how to talk to Eddie, he yelled at him and tried to punch him. Eddie defended himself for the first time and his father never talked to him again.
  • As a young adult, The Blue Man had terrible nerves. He didn't have enough money to go to a doctor so instead he went to a chemists who gave him silver. (One of the side effects of silver is that it turns your skin blue.) The Blue Man drank the silver and over time, it turned him blue. The mechanic shop he was working for fired him, and the town he lived in hated him. He felt like and outkast, sad, and alone all because his skin is blue..