Updated: 9/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • hey bowdy i bet that window wont break if you throw your baseball at it
  • what was that? sounded like glass
  • ok bet
  • glass is gonna go everywhere hahaha
  • its dad!!!
  • hahaha you broke the window haha
  • wait brayden shut up i think i hear someone comin down stairs
  • RUN!!!!
  • it wont break
  • idk why you did that dads gonna be pissed but that was funny
  • you better run bowdy haha!!
  • oh shoot
  • you told me to do it you even said it wouldnt break
  • what the heckedy keck are you boys doing? what happend to the window?
  • Bowdy broke the window
  • brayden told me to throw a baseball at it and see if it would break
  • i see that my questoin is how and why
  • what!? dont try to put this on me!
  • well its true
  • this is just great now i have to find a window to replace it with your both grounded