Julius Caesar
Updated: 3/3/2021
Julius Caesar

Storyboard Text

  • Ok my lord. Thank you.
  • Sleep my boy you have done enough.
  • Who is it? Who are you?
  • I will see you again at Philippi
  • Portia is swallowing hot coals to kill herself because Brutus has left her to go fights and she can't live without him.
  • Yes we have come to battle and battle we shall.
  • See they did show up.
  • Brutus has Lucius play him a song on his instrument and lets him sleep because he is very tired. Brutus then goes to sit down and read.
  • My friend you have died with honor by your own sword.
  • The ghost of Caesar foreshadows Brutus' death and says that he will see him again were they are going to battle with Antony and Octavius.
  • He was a noble man. He did what he did for the good of Rome.
  • He is dead. Brutus is dead.
  • Cassius and Brutus show up to Phillipi to battle Octavius and Antony.
  • Cassius is stabbed by his servant when he tells him too as he says "Caesar is revenged, with the sword that kill him."
  • Brutus runs into his own sword while his servant Lucius holds it. Antony then says a few words about his death ending with it wasn't in vein but honor.