The Broken Blade By: Neha Potti Hour 6
Updated: 2/27/2020
The  Broken Blade   By: Neha Potti  Hour 6

Storyboard Text

  • Yes
  • 19 people died here?
  • Watch out!
  • Backwater!
  • With Pierre's father's thumb injured, his father cannot sign as a voyageur steersman as he has done in the past. Now, for the family to have enough money, Pierre has signed as a voyageur, leaving behind his home, school and family.
  • That Island!
  • After leaving a donation at St. Annes, Pierre and the other voyageurs mark the beginning of the journey. La Lond is the nicest, and gave him a knife made by himself for carrying the musket ball pack they tricked him with. La Londe also helped Pierre with his blisters on his hand, by putting doeskin on his hand as a padding.
  • Just as Pierre enters his first rapids, the bow of their canoe bumped up on a submerged boulder, and La Londe tried with one paddle to push away, but that broke, and the second one would not work. In desperation, La Londe leaped over the side and pushed the canoe off the boulder. The canoes did not make contact, but knocked an oar out of a voyageur's hand. That same moment, La Londe lost his footing, and got pulled down.
  • When the weather got rough, the voyageur crew decided to stop at an island, to wait out the storm. As Pierre's canoe headed to the island, one of the seams split, and water started slowly seeping in. Pierre was in charge of the kettle, which is used to bail water, but Emile took the kettle to let Pierre paddle. The voyageur crew ended up staying on the island for more than a day.
  • The voyageurs finally made it to Grand Portage, the half-way mark for the voyageur crew. When Pierre first saw Grand Portage, he was disappointed. Grand Portage was just pointed logs stuck in the ground with wigwams and tents scattered around it, met Mukwa and Kennewah, and spent time there.
  • Pierre's journey ended, as he planned to surprise his family with his arrival, though his father saw him in just as he crept around the corner of the cabin. Pierre plans to sign on again next year, and relive the adventure for himself, not out of the duty for his family.