Freedom of Religion
Updated: 3/31/2020
Freedom of Religion
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  • At school...
  • I understand sir! But my gave a letter to the school saying that I wouldn't take part in gym because I have to wear my religious clothes.
  • Ahmed! How many times do I have to ask you not to wear these types of clothes in the school gym?
  • Oh, please! The school doesn't care about any letter! You can practice your religion at home, but at school you have to do what the other normal students do! You aren't any special!
  • Okay. I won't wear these clothes next time.
  • The next day...
  • Mom, sorry for wearing these clothes to school, but my gym teacher said I can't wear our traditional clothes to school even after I told him about the letter that you and dad gave to the school.
  • Hmm...I'll have to do something about this teacher!
  • After a lot of discussion with the school, Ahmed's mom took the matter to court because they feel as if their freedom of religion had been infringed.
  • Your honour! This teacher has infringed my son's freedom of religion. He asked Ahmed to change his clothing, even when there was no harm done He pressured my son into disobeying his own religion.
  • I told Ahmed that he could practice his religion at home. School is the time to work, not show religion!
  • It has been concluded, unfortunately, that this teacher infringed your son's freedom of religion. This is not to happen again. According to the 1st Amendment, Ahmed can practice his religion as long as it isn't harming anyone.
  • Seems like I'm in trouble! I might as well just apologize and get this over with.
  • The apology at school...
  • It's alright Sir! I'm happy you understood my situation.
  • I'm so sorry Ahmed for causing you trouble and disrespecting your religion. Please forgive me. I extend my apology to your mom as well.
  • The end!
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