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Science story board
Updated: 9/29/2020
Science story board
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  • dad what is physical and chemical properties and changes?
  • physical properties are when an object changes shape but can still be put back together. A chemical property is when an object is changed but cant be put back to how it was before
  • So, if you take a piece of that car, you could still put it back together so it would be a physical property
  • Exactly! good job now what about a chemical property?
  • A chemical property would be the wood of the stand burning, you cant put the ashes back to how it was before
  • That would be a chemical change!!
  • I was wondering this because i have a project on it for school
  • want hear a joke about, sodium, bromine, and oxygen?
  • NaBrO
  • Why cant wood be put back to its normal state if its burned?
  • Because, its a chemical property
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