Mother Russia
Updated: 4/20/2020
Mother Russia
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Russia is the homeland of the people.

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  • I am Tsar Alexander II. When I was tsar, I screwed up Russia by liberating the serfs. This is in turn hurt the agricultural production and the economy almost collapsed. Oops.
  • I am Tsar Alexander III. I am the one who stopped reform for the people. Yea, sure.. They are suffering and all, but at least I killed my father's killers.
  • I am Tsar Nicolas II. I wanted to be a cool tsar, so I tried getting land from China and Korea. Yea... Didn't work out. I am so bad at leading that I caused inflation. Also, I don't care about the people, only the heirs to the king.
  • Yep... This is WW1. A lot of Russians are dying. Tsar Nicolas doesn't know how to lead. We might lose. This intense pressure on me might make me rebel against the tsar.
  • Ew. Is that the Tsar. He is the reason that we are suffering. I heard of this Communism thing. U wanna join. We might make a rebellion soon. I'll send you the details.
  • 😢 But who cares what they think. At least my son is alive.
  • Glad you all came. Now we can start revolution. No more tsar. No more suffering. No more war. We are all equals. We establish our own country. Our own union. With Communism. The USSR.
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