Updated: 12/22/2019
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  • There was frost on the windows, and a layer of snow covering her whole backyard when Zilla woke up that morning. She did not yet know what the day had in stock for her.
  • Zilla woke up and heard her phone ring for the first time that day. She ran down the stairs to quickly grab her phone. When she opened it, she saw a text from one of her best friends Kim. Kim had invited Zilla to her birthday party at 5:00 that afternoon.
  • Zilla felt nervous about going to the party because she has separation anxiety and was afraid to leave her mom. She went into the kitchen where her mom was and asked her for advice on if she should go to Kim's party or not. Her mom then reminded her of the times when she felt nervous and still went to a birthday party and had a great time and did not even think about her mom. Now, it was time for Zilla to make a decision of her own.
  • Around 4:00 in the afternoon, Zilla decided that she wanted to go to Kim's party, and she was feeling anxious about going. She sat on the couch in her living room and she could hear the clocks beat in her head and for every second that went by, she felt like she was getting more nervous.
  • Zilla and her mom went into the car and started driving a few minutes before the party started. Zilla was feeling nervous. A few minutes later, Zilla arrived at the party, and shut her moms car door. The door of the car felt like the separation between Zilla and her mom. She knew there was no going back.
  • Zilla walked into the doors of Knittia, which is where Kim's party was being held. As she went inside, she hugged Kim and went to go pick the color yarn she wanted. She realized that she did not think about her mom at all since she had gotten to the party. Did Zilla overcome her anxiety, or will she start to become nervous further into the party?
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