Act 3 Scene 6
Updated: 5/18/2020
Act 3 Scene 6

Storyboard Text

  • Act 3
  • Scene
  • 6
  • Octavius complains to Maecenas(Octavius' advisor) and Agrippa(Octavius' commanders) about Antony's behaviour. A three shot to establish the different actors, a tracking shot can be used as Octavius can be pacing back and forth to show intensity in his complaint, also a reaction shot can be used during their conversation for the atmosphere.
  • Octavia is sent as a messenger from Antony but Octavius tells her the truth that Antony does not love her but loves Cleopatra. A two shot, a pull back dolly can be used as well as a wide angle shot to show both characters faces and the distraught and sadness as well.
  • Octavius welcomes Octavia to stay in Rome and insist on it, and Maecenas consoles her by informing her everyone pities her. A full shot of Octavia and Maecenas would work well to give a view of her body language after hearing those news.