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thesus part one
Updated: 3/25/2020
thesus part one
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box one - Thesus' erly life box two -Learning about how to find out who his father is box three -The journey box four - box five - box six -

Storyboard Text

  • Theseus' early lfe
  • learning about how to find his father
  • The Journey
  • When Theseus was young, he was brought up in Troezen, which is a small city that lies to the south of Athens. He was raised by his mother, who never told him who his father was. Both Poseidon, the god of the sea, and King Aegeus, were suspected as being his father.
  • Sinis
  • Aethra, Theseus’s mother, told him that if he returned King Aegeus’ sandals and sword to him, he will then learn the true identity of his dad. The journey to where King Aegeus lived was filled with trials, six to be exact. Here’s the story of Theseus and the Six Labors he underwent while journeying to King Aegeus
  • Sinis' beautiful daughter
  • I promise that I wont hurt you and that I will respect you!!!!!
  • Theseus met Periphetes, a son of Anticleia and Hephaestus, after reaching Epidaurus. According to some versions, Periphetes had one eye like a Cyclops and lame in one leg. He used to rob and kill the travelers with his bronze club while roaming on the road from Athens to Troezen. Theseus tricked Periphetes to ensure that his club was really made of bronze club and thrashed his head with it and killed him.
  • Scirian
  • Sinis, an Isthmain, killed travelers by tieing them to two pine trees and bending them to the ground. The victim was torn apart, according to some versions, as Sinis used to tie them to the brought down branches of the two pine trees. Theseus killed Sinis by using the same method on him! He tied Sinis to two trees and used the momentum of the trees to bend him to the ground.
  • When Sinis was killed, Perigune, Sinis’ beautiful daughter, fled into the dense forest. Theseus searched her everywhere with a promise not to injure her and respect her. Later on, Theseus had sex with her and born Melanippus, his first male child. Afterwards she married to Oechalian Deioneus.
  • Scrion, the son of Poseidon or Pelops and prohibited Isthmian, lived at a cliff on the Saronic coast, Sceironian Rocks, of the Corinth, Isthmus. He would kill travellers that were passing through these rocks by forcing them to wash their feet and then kicking them over the cliff. Theseus tricked Sciron by telling him to wash his feet. When Sciron bent over to do so, Theseus kicked him over the cliff
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