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Updated: 10/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Patrick Maloney comes home on one Thursday. The wife, Mrs.Maloney, hurries to fetch him something to drink. But Patrick is somehow complex in his mind.
  • Would you like me to get you some cheese?
  • ..No...
  • Patrick sits his wife down and tells her about what he is going to do. Mrs.Maloney is shaken and denies reality and tries to act casually.
  • I have something to tell you
  • I'm gonna leave you.
  • .........I'll get supper.
  • Mrs.Maloney, losing her temper, hits Patrick's head with the frozen lamb leg that was originally for the couple's dinner.
  • For god's sake , don't make supper for me.
  • I'm going out.......?!!!
  • WACK
  • Mrs.Maloney keeps calm and goes out to buy some vegetables for her "lamb cook". She needs an ally that will keep her from any accusation.
  • Oh yes, that'll be fine. Two of those.
  • You want these Idaho potatoes?
  • Be right over.
  • You mean Patrick Maloney is DEAD?
  • She calls the police and alerts them about the situation as if she have just walked into her husband's murder scene.
  • I think so....
  • Quick! Come Quick! Patrick's Dead!
  • I think it's right here on the premises.
  • Probably right under our noses.
  • Mrs.Maloney persuades the policemen to have the lamb cook, pretending to be too sad to eat anything when she was actually eliminating the only evidence to her murder.
  • Probably right under our noses.