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Updated: 4/9/2021
cph comics

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time, there is a handsome but an arrogant prince who lives in a palace. Because he knows that he is handsome, he doesn’t feel the need to take a bath or even brush his teeth. On a rainy night, a woman approached him and asks if she could stay in the castle for a while.
  • Hello good sir, would it be so kind of you to offer me a place to stay for the night?
  • Why would I? An old hag like you would never be invited in the palace!
  • Why you! How dare a smelly man say that to me! Why don't you look in the mirror and tell me why your teeth is a yellow as a corn.
  • I am a prince! No one talks down on me! Not one!
  • Suddenly, the old woman turned into a beautiful fairy.
  • Do you now see what I am? For your poor hygiene brought by your almighty ego, I shall put this curse upon you! You will transform into the man fitting of your behavior A BEAST!
  • NOOOO! What did she do to me?
  • After2 years...