Sorelspots adventure
Updated: 2/4/2020
Sorelspots adventure
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  • Sorrelspots is a warrior of Thunderclan, right now she is in the twolegplace
  • I need to get out of this twolegplace.
  • I knew I scented something strange. Get Lost filthy coyote!
  • A coyote comes running out from behind a garbage bin
  • Woof, woof,yip,yip
  • Cat,Cat
  • Sorrelspots runs until she comes across a fence leading back to the forest . She smelt the forest and her clans bordermarks
  • Finally, I lost that darn dog like scavenger.Ah , im almost back to the forest.
  • She didn't even bring any fresh-kill for the kits and elders, ugh
  • Im back.
  • Welcome back Sorrelspots.
  • Sorrelspots made her way back to her clan camp.
  • *grumbles* all I can smell is the awful stench of twoleg place on Sorrelspots pelt.
  • Later that day on a hunting patrol.
  • I love the scent of the damp leaves , and prey scent.i can hear a mouse scurrying under that bramble bush.
  • I can smell a mouse, Sorrelspots can you get it.
  • Sorrelspots strays from the hunting patrol to go after the mouse she smelt.
  • *Whispers* There you are mouse.
  • After that day, Sorrelspots lived a normal warrior life.
  • *squeak* yum seed *squeaks*
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