Unknown Story

Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • "Sir, you are welcome in this place; I am the head of this court. They call me Arthur. Get down from your horse, I beg you, and join us for dinner, And then whatever you seek we will gladly see to" (ln 34-37).
  • The Green Knight enters King Arthur's Dining Court with nothing but an axe
  • "No, so help me God on high, My errand is hardly to sit at my ease in your castle!" (ln 38-39). But since I've heard so much good about you and your castle, I can assure you I mean no harm. I would like to ask you to play a game with me however. I will let one person take a blow to my neck with my axe.
  • "I beseech you, Sire, let this game be mine" (ln 123-124).
  • Sir Gawain accepts the Green Knight's game on behalf of the King
  • Sir Gawain strikes the Green Knight in the neck and his head comes clean off
  • The Green Knight picks up his head and continues to challenge Sir Gawain
  • "Come to the Green Chapel, I charge you, and take A stroke the same as you've given, for well you deserve To be readily requited on New Year's morn." (ln 182- 184).
  • The Green Knight storms off for Gawain to meet again a year and one day later
  • "The King and Gawain there Laugh at the thing and grin; And yet, it was an affair Most marvelous to men" (ln 194-197).